Fowrd, Bkwords

I was today years old when i found out that I wasnt who i thought i was….okay take a laugh at my missed train of thought.

Ive let every moment take me from every other moment. I told my enemy that my biggest fear was being fucked by em’ in every way. I guess the universe heard the wants of them that dipise me or is it a mind trick

Like the one my mother told me of the devil. A trick of the mind.

I hate the way ive emotionally responded to my afflictions. Every thought had to be cultivated by emotions. Where my heart lied So did my inhibitions cause i forgot who it all belonged to. Agression tore me. Provocation? I seen Every socially obvious Trick!!!

But im going back. So what’s to make of it?

I make my decisions. I Will make them matter. Responding gracefully. I will continue to do the same thing i was. Looking for the best way to be…. Achieving in becoming me. With honor.




Residual think it, feel It, Fix it.



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