Pick up and drop off

No more beginnings. No more do overs and start overs. No more going back and forth with my mind on my true worth and what’s positive or negative about me. No more outbursts of positive affirmations that are really responses to the memories that give incriminating evidence that proves my unworthiness of love. No more questions about why it seems the ones who hurt me are justified in what they have done to me. No more lying to myself about what I did or didn’t deserve. No more wool coverings to throw over the disrespect that lingers in the air when I think of the pain that my adversaries get to inflict on me with no one to put them in their place. No more pushing myself backwards. No more fighting myself or feeling so much self inflicted pain knowing I’m my own road block. No more anger because I can’t understanding I chose to follow and believe in God but he is allowing my adversaries to make me out to be weak and worthless. No more tears because I know I mean nothing. No more pain because I know nobody wants to be in my life just to be around me. No more pain. No more suffering. No more anxiety. No more regret. I’ll be free.

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