Read: 2:15 am

Warning ⚠️ This is a pretty Long text

You did it. You did exactly what I told you was gonna happen. Without me trying I pushed you away to no return. I meant what I said by me understanding why you chose to fall back. Because everyone finds a reason to stop fucking with me. But beyond that, I think it’s no fair. I can’t have an easy going friendship without it being imprinted by forces that I legit can’t control unless I take medication. You’re right, I don’t trust myself. And it’s very evident in the way interact with everyone. Just remember one thing though. There wasn’t anything about me that was not genuine. I don’t hide, I’m raw and real and uncut. I explore every feeling I have because for a long time I repressed them and the build up and explosion revealed to me that I was human and I’m worth something. Although experiencing being the object of your affection was ego-tastic, I was honestly just enjoying being someone you looked at in high regards. But it never lasts long. I get too open and overbearing without even noticing. I don’t know how to show tough love when I need to…..but, this is all. I can’t look no sadder than what you’ve seen.

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