Who can I run to?

So I’m not the best person at creativity, pinch me, all I want to do is express my thoughts.

Anywhooo. I’ve decided to balance my life. I’m still stuck in the “is this real” phase but Yaweh has my situation in the palm of His hand.

Why do people think that when a person can’t (or won’t) recognize they have a problem they are denying or lying to themselves. Could it just possibly mean that they’re just naturally rebuking whatever it is.

Now, what do people say when they’re in danger? A prayer. We alllllll resort to trying to talk to God when something is life threatening wrong. So you can conclude that humans naturally look to a higher source for help. Now I just so happen to be close to this Higher source, who’s name is Yaweh, and did you know that he tells us (His children) to come to Him for all things? No mater what it is. That also means LEAVE it with Him. Why carry the burden?

To be continued….

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